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ESTA has published  and distributed the report of its members' survey of local train and bus journeys made in October. Key points are that improvements need to be made to many bus stops, the buses arrived 5  minutes late on average but the vehicles were generally clean and comfortable. Nearly all trains were also judged to be clean and comfortable, with only two journeys seriously disrupted but still problems with fare collection / ticket inspection.

Between October 30th and November 5th, ESTA members spent 60 hours surveying the foot crossing at Halesworth station, following news from Network Rail that they had conducted a camera survey in June and that people were "misusing" it. We have now sent a report to Network Rail and Greater Anglia.

There is indeed still evidence that a minority of users are crossing in front of, or behind, a stationery train and a small minority are still cycling over the crossing. In our experience the situation has improved since the summer, however. We have made two suggestions to the train operator  that would further reduce the risk.

There were no trains on the Ipswich - Lowestoft or Lowestoft - Norwich lines for six days  February 27th - March 4th. Network Rail closed these and other secondary routes in East Anglia because of the snow. Network Rail is now conducting a review of its procedures in the event of future periods of severe weather.  ESTA has made a submission to the review, saying among other things that an emergency timetable, with slower and/or less frequent trains, would be better than none at all and that the snowplough should be checked each year and kept at a more central location in the region.

ESTA has just issued the fifth edition of the leaflet "Discover the Blyth Valley" to promote the bus/train integration at Halesworth station and the very useful service X88 to Southwold. 5000 copies are being distributed and should be useful to both local people and visitors to our area.

ESTA now maintains its own noticeboards at Lowestoft Bus Station, Beccles Old Market and Woodbridge Turban Centre in addition to those at rail stations.

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